Skill versus technology 
I went to a job interview a few days ago and as I was sat there going through the questions I was asked what my preferred camera set up was. Truthfully its not about the camera at all but more about the skill behind the camera, any one can pick up a camera and take a snap shot of that moment but its the skill of the photographer who can make it a great photograph.
       A lot of folk get caught up in the technical details with the likes of F stops or ISO numbers and a lot of brand elitism talk on how one brand is better than another with different lens and tricks that they can do. End of the day its all about the skill box that the photographer owns in his head and that comes with experience of doing the job we know and love.
We know how to get the right shot that fits the job. How many folk take photographs from the same height? This might seem like an odd thing to ask but sometimes we have to change where we take the photograph. Drop a Knee and shoot upwards give the power to the subject makes them look taller and with more presence.
 We take time to look where the best place for the photograph would be and it often means we can go off the path a little to do it. You will be asked to stand in strange ways or odd poses but its so we can get the best snap shot for the client.
 Event photography is more of a challenge as we work around crowds and dealing with the public our eyes are always taking in and looking for the small details that will show the best of the event, this could be as simple as as a child having an ice cream up to the main event that has just done an impossible feat on the stage or the guy in the crowd just rocking out in their own wee world 

Hello all you amazing folk,
 I'm Phil, I am the guy behind the camera here at Still Works Studio. I Thought I would start myself a blog so I can update on some of the interesting things that I get up to as a Punk spirted photographer.
  I tend to get into some fun places and get to take photographs of amazing things or folk. The jobs that I do range from weddings to art projects and an assortment in between. There are no two days the same as a photographer.

  I specialise in event photography. Its where my real passion lies being able to work and get into crowds of people to find the shot that I am after is a real buzz. Watching folk enjoy their day as I glide past and take their photo candidly and not disturb them having fun. 
Hopefully society has returned to normal after all the Lock downs and the pandemic that we have had to endure over the last two years. So, I can get out to events and snap happy people for my clients again.

  I have finished studying for my degree in Photography for the year so want to develop my business more. I've had a blast this year learning new ways of doing different types of photography including the ones of yesteryear that is no longer used within industry but still enjoyable to learn. 

"Digital Photography has freed analogue Photography" Dr Simon Harris 
 This is something that I believe to be true as with digital photography. I have a lot more room to express and capture moments on the fly, and with quicker processing times I can have a great turn around for my clients. 

I normally post up on my social media accounts with some of the things that I get up to, but it's about time that I spend some time filling out the details of the jobs that I do. From early morning shoots around Birmingham or working in the likes of Wolverhampton and not forgetting about walking into the wilderness for a day or two wild camping to get the odd sunrise or landscape 
When I get a camera in my hand, I am quite literally like the happiest puppy ever, doing what I love, Adventure, Mischief and a little bit of chaos lead to great tales to tell all about later. 

So long for now 


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