Well, I am a lot like a Springer Spaniel when it comes to working events, I have a nose that can sniff out a good photograph and a skill set that makes it an amazing one.

Being adventurous, I know how to make dynamic risk assessments on the move, so each shot is done in a safe and controlled manor.
Rain, sleet, snow and shine I have worked in all outdoor condition, from hostile crowds on the streets of Ulster to a gentle wedding in a leafy village. 
 I have found my friendly nature and professionalism to be a key asset when working an event. Respecting your patrons or guests as I do my job in controlled manor. Capturing those key moments that will be immortalised as a photo.
I have made sure that I am enhanced security checked and keep up to date with safeguarding training for vulnerable people, keeping myself and your event safe.

All my equipment is mobile and robust to deal with conditions in the field and I hold photographer's insurance so myself and equipment is covered.
 The turnaround for your photographs can range from a few hours to a week but we will always offer a quick turnaround service for edited photographs as well being within your budget.

 For instance, I did a 15-day event and I had processed, edited an had the deliverables returned within 10 days. That was roughly 4000 photographs taken and edited down to a more workable number for my client to use for the marketing team and the members of the public to enjoy

Brain of a springer spaniel skill of a photographer 

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