Lee The Flea from Threadbare Circus 
A full day shoot with the Cyr Wheel of mystery and unicycles 
Prosper Magazine
A local chamber of commerce magazine that comes out every month. 
The talented and amazing Code red Entertainment as their embedded photographer working alongside them capturing the events and shows they put on around the West Midlands. 

Performer's Without Boarders, a UK Charity that teaches circus skills to schools in the UK and around the world.  Often working in challenging circumstances these guys are often unsung hero's 
Hilbre dog and pet rescue centre.
Working with a dog rescue centre in Shropshire I used this experience to put on an exhibit at the Wolverhampton arts centre in May 2023  
Twice having work shown at Sumerset House in London with the national Saturday club, my role was photographer and instructor at the Wolverhampton branch. Collectively we had an art exhibition.
2022 and in 2023   
Leo's Loco Circus, Shropshire's premium  local circus troupe.
Leo was the first person to start me on my circus journey and introduce me to a world that has blown me away ever since.
University of Wolverhampton Business School, 
I've been asked a few times to work with various departments and folks from the school of arts. working closely within the departments to the students and staff requirements. 
PLaY Festival!
One of the best circus festivals in the UK and an amazing client to work with. For up to 14 days embedded with the core crew covering everything and will be doing the same for 2024 in August.   
Good Shepard Project. A local charity that had an art exhibition in the Lighthouse Gallery My photos were used by the BBC
Product and editorial photography for the likes of Charles Collinge Lambeth casting, Anna von crayon fashion, Grumpy Crumpet and several other local bands and gigs. 
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