Why the Spaniel thing? 
You've got to admit it is an odd thing to identify as in this day and age.
 However, the logic is sound, (well ...mostly) .... I think, maybe? (head tilts to the side and half my hair takes the shape of a dog's ear) 
To come to terms with having a spicy brain. I have to own that problem and learn how to be responsible for what this condition brings into my life. Jumping on any social media platform and type the term- ADHD in and you will get a wash of colour and "crazy thing those kids do" type posts. Not many of them will come close to the issues or the negative things that come with A.D.H.D. In broad strokes it's a mix of childhood trauma and a dopamine deficiency within the chemical balance of the brain.
With this mix of mixed-up feelings and issues that could make some tasks very hard to do. You only really get two options with it.
The first would be ride that victimhood all the way to the station collection as much free crap as you can putting your hand out and grabbing whatever passes by with one sorry full tear permanently stuck to the eyeball of woe.
 Or instead,
  YOU LEAN INTO THAT CONDITION AND RIDE THE BITCH FOR ALL SHE IS WORTH, with a wild look of adventure in your eyes and the wind of "lacking impulse control" in your hair and let me say it is a hell of a ride to be on. My brain work's so much faster and makes some of the strangest connection's that now and always be able to beat most conventional thinking within this industry and the best bit out of it all is this- we have worked all the angles; plus, safety and what equipment we need before you had the chance to say make it so. Us spicy ones are on fire from the moment the boots are on till we crawl broken and drained back into bed. 
A.D.H.D. characteristics have the same core make up and drives just like the dog breed, both of us are highly intelligent, driven and very friendly to anyone that is around. We don't sit in one spot without unintentionally sprawling out and our noses are always on the go looking for the next hit of mischief that we can get into. You've never seen hyperfocus on a task like a spaniel who finds a muddy puddle, once that little thought takes hold you can try and drag us away, but we will explore every angle to its fullest and pull all the hours to come in ahead of schedule. At our heart is someone who knows what real pain and suffering is and really don't want others to go through that so we bounce in to help wherever we can.
Each and every Spaniel infused human will double down and put what is required to get the job done above their own needs and wants. This last trait is open for abuse by others sadly so please forgive us if we take our time to get to know you first. Ah but when you do earn our trust and you know to lean into the way we work you will have a product that not only beats the locals' hands down but also will come under budget, be fabulous and if its myself maybe a wee hint of flames somewhere if we can get away with it.  
I might be a bit spicy up top, but I have the standards and skill that marks me out as a top professional in my field of photography from long hours on site to get the shot that is required for your collection, to moving around a venue with the ease and skill so there is no disruption to your event and finding the place to photograph from that place no one else has thought of . I am a master of getting the photo as the world dances on with its merry little tune playing in the ears of life.
 we, as photographers will always live the event twice. Our day of the shoot and then the hours of editing that comes afterwards. every smile and blink of the eye is carefully scrutinised to make sure it passes the high standard that we hold ourselves to let alone the client! If I didn't have the photos to back up my adventures, you'd never believe some of the places or things we get up too. From the project go till delivery you can be sure that your A.DH.D. infused spaniel will be on point from day one right through to hand over of images and deliverables. 
Hi, I'm the spaniel infused photographer and here is what I'm good at.
 Lovely to meet you. 

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